I'm Home!

Ahhh I have so much I want to write about! Just came back home to San Antonio last night around midnight from Drupalcon Chicago 2011. I hate leaving my babies for so long but man was Drupalcon awesome! I took in so much information in such a short amount of time that it's literally boggling my mind. Some key take-aways that I got from Drupalcon:

Need to stay active in the community.
Need to figure out how to contribute.
Need to view Drupal as an ecosystem rather than just a means to an end.
Need to learn A LOT of new things!

I'm totally jazzed about all the new stuff I need to learn! That sort of sounds weird but I haven't gone to sleep all night so who knows what this blog post is going to end up like!

One of the things that's been on my mind this morning, besides practicing and honing my new jQuery skills, is what do you do when you have a million different, widly varied interests that you want to share with the world? For example, attending the conference this week got me really passionate about Drupal again and I can't wait to start trying new things and documenting my experiments through blog posts and videos. But I am also passionate about gardening and living sustainably and eating local fresh foods. On top of that I own a business making balloon animals and there is a whole other web community revolving around balloon animals that I'd like to stay active in. Add to that my pony pushing activities and you've got yourself a recipe for b.u.r.n o.u.t!

There is no way I want to create unique online identities to participate in each of those passions I have, yet I can't see a website about programming and balloons animals retaining much of an audience, at least one that wouldn't be utterly confused. So right now I've got separate websites for each of my hobbies which leads to the problem of maintaining 5 different websites that are just for fun and not paying me much right now! Oh, did I mention I have a full time job on top of all this? What's a girl to do?

Am I just weird in having so many completely different interests? What do other people do that have this problem? There are huge benefits to being active in all of those online communities yet I can't see how some one who is subscribed to my balloon animal tutorial channel on youtube would be too thrilled about a video of some crazy web programming nonsense popping up in their subscription list.

I suppose I should have this figured out by now, I am notorious for taking on too much, trying to do too many things at once etc etc. The truth is that I don't have this all figured out at all! I love all the things that I do but fear that I will fail at everything if I don't limit myself somehow.

For now I suppose I will try to maintain super woman status and aim for the goal of succeeding in everything I try to do all at once :) Unless any one has any better ideas, which I would love to hear by the way! Leave me a comment, I would love to start a discussion about all of this!

But for right now I am home, and this website feels like home to me, like a home base. I can see having my portfolio, resume and links to my other sites on here as well as blogging about Drupal and theming and jQuery whenever I'm feeling smart :) So if you're actually following along with this website, Welcome! and enjoy the ride!