About Holly

The name's Holly Hopper and Drupal is my game!

I've been building websites since I was about 10 years old and my Dad sat down with me and taught me basic html. From the moment I realized that I could publish anything I wanted to a worldwide audience I was hooked! I spent hours on the computer analyzing other people's websites, figuring out how they did certain things and learning more every day. This was back when frames were all the rage and people still used the font blink tag!

I've been building websites for fun and professionally ever since then. The last 3 years I've spent working almost entirely with Drupal websites. Drupal is by far my favorite CMS to work with and I'm proud to say that I do it with Drupal!

My current strengths really shine in the area of theming. I love getting a well made design and turning it into a well built, fully functioning Drupal website. I'm an html/css whiz and love spicing sites up with a little Jquery magic as well. I know enough PHP/MySql to do any theming customizations I might need and one of the things on my list is to learn how to start developing my own modules in the near future.